Mpogo Safari Lodge

Mpogo Safari Lodge

Mpogo Safari Lodge

Mpogo safari lodge is one of the most edified accommodation facilities that has got the most unique features in Uganda and also in the small grounds of Lake Mburo national park.

Mpogo safari lodge has got variety of rooms that no other lodge in Lake Mburo national park has got, but still, these rooms have got facilities that can favor your smooth stay in Mpogo  lodge in Lake Mburo national park.

Mpogo safari is located in Lake Mburo national park which is situated on masaka-mbarara highway and this journey to this great national game park only takes three or three and half hours to arrive to the park if we consider the whole journey to start from Kampala city and this park is located in Kiruhura.

Mpogo safari lodge has rapidly achieved its glory in these lands of whispers in terms of issues that are concerned with keeping people safe and have all the entertainment as they are engaging themselves with the great nature of lake mburo national park and also enable them carry great and unique memories back to the their homes and all those memories will last for a long time forever.

Mpogo safari lodge is a peaceful and exclusive facility conveniently located on the top of the beautiful hills of Lake Mburo national park that is found on the outcasts of Lake Mburo national park all in the unique part of Uganda and that is the western part of Uganda.

Mpogo safari lodge, is unique compared to other lodges in Uganda in the following ways that it provides to all its visitors; Mpogo safari lodge has a well trained team that is concerned keeping guests comfortable and it is portioned in to different sectors and these we have the wonderful ushers that you make you feel at home and also show you that you are in the right place of comfort.

Mpogo safari lodge, has got the most unique accommodation 16 rooms and these rooms have got facilitated offers accompanied with mid-range accommodation all that at an affordable price.  All these rooms have got their uniqueness in terms of the facilities that they provide to the visitors that are on safari to lake mburo. These rooms have got televisions, flash toilets and also private showers with both cold and hot water and in the room there is mineral water in order to keep your throat clear and smooth.

Originally Mpogo safari lodge has a humble farm house and this was put in place in order to make good use of animals that do usually come and pay a visit to the people that are living in the lodge. These animals from Lake Mburo national park make this lodge unique because at Mpogo safari lodge visitors get to see the wilderness of the park without even going for a game drive. Some of these animals that accompany people’s stay in Mpogo safari lodge include zebras, antelopes, Buffalos and also occasionally the old hyenas that are coming to the salt lick. All the mentioned animals are spotted in the premises of Mpogo safari lodge on a daily basis without even missing any day.

The lodge has a fully equipped kitchen managed by professional chefs and waiters that are trained how to treat visitors that are ordering their meals and refreshments.

The lodge has got traditional huts that are made from only natural materials that are reflecting how Mpogo safari lodge is also concerned with nature and the wilderness of Lake Mburo national park. It has also got camping needs to enable visitors to become part of nature and wild animals during the night times and see all the behaviors of nature in the night accompanied by the great security that is provided by the lodge in order to keep people safe as they are getting closer to nature during the night hours.

The lodge also offers the best of both cultural and modern world, to make you feel part of the world although you being taken up by nature that you are engaging to.

Mpogo safari lodge, has two very private luxurious grass thatched cottages and these cottages have also got two rooms and each of these rooms have got an in built shower with both warm and cold water to keep you cool and fresh from the troubles of the day. It has toilets all at the top most of the hills and this will give you a spectacular view of lake mburo national park, where you will be entitled to see all the wilderness of lake mburo national park, hence giving you a hint of what is inhabiting the great grounds of lake mburo national park.

The lodge, is also designed to make all its visitors feel even more than home in its neighboring wild. The lodge is surrounded by astonishing views which are visible from every room and also from the main dining area as guests can also enjoy the great view of the nearby wildlife as well as stunning evening sunset.

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