What Makes Lake Mburo Nark Park Famous


What Makes Lake Mburo Nark Park Famous

What Makes Lake Mburo Nark Park Famous ;Lake mburo national park is a compact gem which is conveniently located close to high way that connects Kampala to the parks of the western part of Uganda. The park has a variety of features that are making it really different from all other parks in Uganda.

Lake mburo national park being close to the capital city of Uganda has given the park many opportunities for example the number of people coming to the grounds of the park, and if one is willing to drop to the park when they are in town this is possible because it will only take three or three and half hours drive for one to reach the park. Due to this, it has made the park unique not being like other national parks in uganda because they are really far away from the good open opportunities of the city of Uganda.

The park being highly accessible has made it famous, in addition to the fact that the park is strategically located in the rapidly growing city of mbarara that is not facing problems of under development because of the name that mbarara city holds in Uganda. Therefore this is influencing some of the activities that are place in the park to become poin, and this is done by the development of roads that is in mbarara. This favors the tourists coming to lake mburo national park to have there way the park of wonders and reach this distinction in time with out any inconvenience in place.

Due to the fact that, lake mburo national park is the smallest national park among Uganda’s Savannah national parks it is well known continentally. Therefore due to this, it’s status on the wildlife national market has highly improved according to the number of visitors coming to lake mburo national park. The size of lake mburo national park has been the cause of its being famous.  What also surprises the population is that it has got a wide range of features and nature that intend to attract a big number of people to come and see how they are arranged on this small piece of land of lake mburo national park.

Wildlife animals have also played a big role in making the national park different, in such away that, since the park was made a free area for one to walk and move, it also made it different because the national park is the only park in Uganda, that does have elephants and lions although now cases of lions being in Lake mburo national park have raised but still no cases have been seen that these suspected lions are seen hurting any tourists coming around the national park. One of these animals that make it unique are the impalas and in this lake mburo national park is known has the home of nice looking impalas in Uganda, the park is also one the three parks with burchell’s zebra and this type of zebras, has attracted many types of people from different parts of world to come and take a look at these them. Due to this the park is also been made more famous.

The park has got only two species of monkeys and these include the vervet, baboons and there are also predators which include leopards and the most highly spotted hyenas and the grouped mid-size striped jackal and the white tailed mongoose.

Aquatic predators are also found on the lakes of lake mburo national park that are also attracting many people to come and see some of these animals. We have got the African crocodile that are mostly spotted on the shore of the great lakes of lake mburo national park and it’s the only park with the three species of the otters. Since the park had got only two entrances and in order for one access the inside, they are supposed to pay some amount of money in order to gain access to the land. The money rising from this collection, 20 percent of the it is used to developed the community by funding it and building schools and clinics for the people living in the area such that they, all see the value of having and living around the park. Due to the strong bond between the park and the people living in the environment, these people also help in the marketing of the park, directing visitors who come to the park hence reducing the cases of getting lost while visiting to lake mburo national park.

Lake mburo national park is famous of its climate that greatly allows the ongoing activities within and outside the park to take place. Since the park is located in a rain shadow area that is between the famous lake Victoria and mountain Rwenzori. Also Lake mburo national park, has got only two wonderful seasons and that is the rain and dry season, Lake mburo national park has got a temperature range of 23 to approximately 25 degrees Celsius and it receives a big modal low rainfall ranging between 500 and 1000 millimeters.

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