10 Top Things To Do & See

10 Top Things to do

10 Top Things To Do & See in lake mburo national park

10 Top Things To Do & See in Lake Mburo National Park: Lake Mburo national park is the smallest park of all Uganda’s Savannah national parks; it covers an area of 260 square kilometers. Lake Mburo national is located in Kiruhura district near Mbarara town, it takes four or four and half hours to arrive to the park, due to this cause, the park has been made more accessible by all people trying to access it. The park being small in terms of size, the national park is managed by Uganda wildlife authority that sets up rules for these parks to follow:

The 10 top things to do are as follows and well listed and explained below:

  1. Spot fishing : During this activity travelers are allowed to sail on the lakes as they fish for the biggest aquatic species
  2. Launch cruise /Boat Cruise : During this boat cruise you see the aquatic birds in the skies and also crocodile and hippos hovering all over the water.
  3. Game drives: are also interesting, these are divided into mourning drive and the night drive you get a chance to come close to the wildlife animals in lake mburo national ,for example the zebras, eland, waterbucks, kobs and many more there species of monkeys that are found in Lake Mburo national park including vervets , baboons, and many more.
  4. Horse riding: was you approach wildlife; ride on the horse as you view the beautiful sceneries of the park.
  5. Bird Watching: There over 350 species of birds in this place for example African finfoot, falcons, bee-eater, eagles and many more, this has made lake mburo national park a better place for bird watching , the skies of lake Mburo national park are busy with all kinds of birds  flying over ,near and  the waters of the lake, Forest  of the park.
  6. Nature walk: Lake Mburo national park enjoy the walk with an armed Uganda Wildlife guide or ranger, during the guided walk you will see the hyenas before they return to their hideouts, zebras, Giraffes, Elands, Topi, Buffaloes, antelopes and many more.
  7. Rubanga Forest: is one of the great areas of the park where birds are recorded in a big number, such as green pigeon, harrier hawk ,Narina trogon and many more ,there as well tree species to see including the Acacia ,Palm, Fig trees, Markhamia and many more.
  8. Salt lick: take a guided walk with an armed ranger see the animals liking the salt.
  9. Biking/Cycling: There a number of things to discover in the   areas of the park, as you ride on a bike see the Zebras, antelope, Buffaloes ,there mountain bikes that are provided to use on the terrain of the Lake.
  10. On your way to Lake Mburo National park there is a stop over at Igongo Cultural Center where you can stop and take a break to learn about the culture of the Banyakyitara tribes.
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