Weather of Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park Weather

Weather of Lake Mburo National Park

Weather of Lake Mburo National Park : Lake mburo national park is the smallest national park in Uganda and it is located in the rapidly growing district of Mbarara. This small national park is located conveniently close to the highway that connects Kampala to the parks of western Uganda. Lake mburo national park is covering an area of approximately 260 kilometers squared with an official name of lake mburo -Nakivali wetland system. Lake mburo national park was Gazetted in 1933 as a controlled hunting area and upgraded to a game reserve in 1963 and it received it’s national park status in the year of 1983 and this was the start of its new glory.

Lake mburo national park weather is the condition of the atmosphere at a particular place and time, such as temperature. The weather of this place is one of the unique natural things that can not be found in any other national parks in Uganda. The weather of this park is being influenced by a couple of different factors.

Lake mburo national park experiences a mild climate that is mostly accompanied with regular temperatures and this is mainly brought about due to the short distance of the park from the Uganda equator and the daily temperatures that found around this land of whisper.

 Lake mburo national park weather temperatures are normally ranging around 27 degrees Celsius. The temperatures of lake mburo national park during night time are found to be varying from those that are experienced during the day time. During night times temperatures are recorded as 14 degrees Celsius.

In addition to the above information about the weather, lake mburo national park has only two well recognizable wet seasons. It was found that lake mburo national park receives the total annual rainfall that is almost over 800 millimeters or 31.5 inches.

Lake mburo national park has got both wet and dry seasons, and each season has got specific month in which it is expected. The dry seasons of lake mburo national park are mostly expected to affect the park in the months of June to the month of August and also from December to February, June and August to all the way to June and July.

Lake mburo national park has transition that occurs between the dry and wet season and it mainly occurs in the month of August. It causes an increase in the amount of rainfall that is received in lake mburo national park.

Lake mburo national park also has a wet season and it is in the months of March to may and September to November. March, April and May are the wettest months of the year, with April getting the most rain. Day time temperature average is around 26 degrees Celsius and morning temperature are around 15 degrees Celsius. September, October and November, this is the time of the year when there is slightly less rainy when compared to March, April and May. The rain tends to reach the peak in November, day time temperatures are around 26 degrees Celsius and the best times to come to the park is in the rainy seasons in March and October. Since lake mburo national park lies on rain shadow between lake Victoria and Rwenzori mountains.

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